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FMCG sbu

Turkey Brand Cooking Oil is the No. 1 in Sri Lanka in the premium quality bottled oil category.

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Bakery SBU

Bakery Ingredients : Turkey Brand Products, Bake Rich Brand Products, Saf and Nevada Yeast, Bake Choc Flavours …..

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Fast Moving Products

Turkey Sunflower Oil

Consists of vitamin E an essential nutrient which must be available in a healthy diet. Ideal for deep frying, shallow frying and spraying.

Turkey Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a healthy “Super grain” and it’s a taste sensation. It has a wonderful aroma as well.

Melbourne Cheese

Processed Cheddar Cheese which contains milk and suitable for vegetarians as well. This cheese is made in Australia.

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Our Strategic business units are FMCG SBU and Bakery Ingredients & Equipment.