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Marketing Channels

Marketing Channels

Modern Trade

EWM is now listed in all Modern Trade Outlets such as Arpico, Keells, Cargills, Laughs etc. Modern Trade operation has a team of Merchandisers supported by Supervisors. They ensure optimum visual impact for the company’s merchandise on the shelves and within the confines of the modern trade outlets. A Key Accounts Manager leads the modern trade team.

General Trade

Placement of or our goods is channeled through appointed Distributors and Direct Dealers. Unique feature in the distribution process is that all goods are transported to Distributors and Direct Dealers through a company owned and managed fleet of vehicles. This ensures timely delivery as per orders of the sales force or the marketing intermediaries under reference. This obviates the need and inconvenience for our Distributors and Direct Dealers to come to fetch goods to the warehouse.

The role of the Distributor is to purchase goods from the company and feed the trade channels comprising of wholesale outlets, semi wholesale outlets and retail outlets. Another unique aspect is that the sales process is exclusively handled from Distributors to the trade through company appointed well trained and empowered Sales Representatives who will ensure both width and depth of distribution.

The role of the Direct Dealers is to serve the retail trade as well as other individual customers who would visit such outlets as they would handle both wholesale and retail sales. Direct Dealers are appointed in almost all towns throughout the country. There are over 500 Direct Dealers throughout the country.

Our direct reach is extensive and substantial. Those outlets that we do not serve directly are served largely by direct dealers, wholesalers and other entrepreneurs known as ‘van sellers’ who cover areas usually not reached by distribution companies. The distribution pipeline works for our products.

A large sales force comprising of Sales Representatives handles re-distribution sales and they are supported by a team of a National Sales Manager, Sales Managers, Area Sales Managers, Field Sales Executives and Area Sales Supervisors.


Established in 2003 the Company offers a range of leading bakery ingredients and equipment ranging from ovens, cake mixers, and bread slicers to molders. It is the exclusive representative in Sri Lanka for world’s renowned France’s Saf Levure, one of the largest manufacturers of yeast. Backed by a substantial sales force the bakery division is able to target the food sector through hotels, restaurants and bakeries.